Completing Sentences Exercises for SSC

If you want to be good at completing sentences, you need to have a strong understanding of sentence structures and correct form of verbs. Yes, sometimes we do not need grammar to complete sentences. It comes from our intuition which is quite natural. It happens when you are spending ample time in reading English texts. So, we should try to read texts in English more and more.

Now, it is time for some first hand experience in completing sentences which are exercises for SSC level.

Dhaka Board 2020

(a) No sooner had we reached the school             .

(b) Unless you study attentively             .

(c) Scarcely had the party begun             .

(d) If I had known his mobile number,             .

(e) Work hard provided that             .

Mymensingh Board 2020

(a) It matters little to me whether             .

(b) He pretended as if             .

(c) If I had the wings of a bird,             .

(d) Take your umbrella lest             .

(e) Hardly had he started for school             .

Rajshahi Board 2020

(a) But for your timely intervention             .

(b) Many days passed             .

(c) A child              is afraid of fire.

(d) Work hard provided that             .

(e) Blessing is not valued             .

Cumilla Board 2020

(a) Unless you study attentively             .

(b) It is a long time since             .

(c) If I had seen you,              .

(d) 1971 is the year when             .

(e) Danger comes where             .

Chattogram Board 2020

(a) He asked me whether             .

(b) Had I the wings of a dove             .

(c) He could help provided that              .

(d) Hardly had the bell rung             .

(e) We must look before we leap lest             .

Sylhet Board 2020

(a) There are many starts in the sky             .

(b) Rukan will swim after             .

(c) A graveyard is the place              .

(d)              cannot be blotted.

(e) The answer that he             .

Barishal Board 2020

(a) I am looking for Raihan. If I had seen him,             .

(b) Shila seemed upset. She talked as if             .

(c) Yesterday we were at our office. Scarcely had we finished our duty              .

(d) We are not free from danger. Danger often comes where             .

(e) Restless life is risky. We have to take rest             .

Dhaka Board 2020

(a) Where there is a will             .

(b) If a man does not work hard,             .

(c) As the people of Bangladesh are hard-working,              .

(d) But now she has made a remarkable development in her GDP            .

(e) So, it is our bounded duty to             .

Chattogram Board 2020

(a) Acid rain is harmful because             .

(b) The wind was so strong that             .

(c) Had he been a little careful              .

(d) They were frightened when             .

(e) Take your umbrella lest             .

Rajshahi Board 2019

(a) We should keep in mind that             .

(b) If we are not healthy,             .

(c) We must eat balanced diet so that              .

(d) We should wear socks and shoes when            .

(e) Nobody likes a man who             .

Barishal Board 2019

(a) There is a proverb that             .

(b)              know this wise saying?

(c) Unless you have good health              .

(d) You many have a lot of wealth but             .

(e) It is high time             .

Sylhet Board 2019

(a) Acid rain is harmful because             .

(b) The wind was so strong that             .

(c) Had he been a little careful              .

(d) They were frightened when             .

(e) Take your umbrella lest             .

Dinajpur Board 2019

(a) Leisure means the time when             .

(b) As we live in a materialistic world,             .

(c) But it should be kept in mind that              .

(d) If a man does not take rest after work,             .

(e) So, we should take rest so that             .

Cumilla Board 2019

(a) Books are our best friends because             .

(b) A man who reads books regularly             .

(c) By reading books              .

(d) We can learn moral values if             .

(e) We should inspire the students             .

Jashore Board 2019

(a) The mango is a fruit which             .

(b) It is so delicious that             .

(c) Rajshahi is the place where              .

(d) If you visit Rajshahi, Bogura and Dinajpur,             .

(e) People of this area produce a huge amount of mangoes and             .

All Boards 2018

(a) It is English which             .

(b) But most of the students don’t know how             .

(c) If a student wants to do well in English              .

(d) Unless he/she practices it,             .

(e) It is high time             .

Rajshahi Board 2017

(a) Books are our best friends because             .

(b) A man who reads books regularly             .

(c) By reading books              .

(d) We can learn moral values             .

(e) We should inspire the students             .

Dhaka Board 2017

(a) There goes a proverb that             .

(b) Though lost wealth can be regained by hard work, lost time             .

(c) Time is so valuable that              .

(d) Those who              cannot shine in life.

(e)             , you must be successful.

Dinajpur Board 2017

(a) It is said that             .

(b) In youth the mind is soft that             .

(c) If we lose the morning hours of life,              .

(d) We will reap good harvest             .

(e) On the other hand, if we remain lazy,             .

Cumilla Board 2017

(a) This is Bangladesh             .

(b) The people of Bangladesh are friendly though             .

(c) When anyone falls in danger others              .

(d) We love and help one another as if             .

(e) We work seriously in order that Bangladesh             .

Chattogram Board 2017

(a) He pretends as if             .

(b) It is high time             .

(c) Walk slowly lest             .

(d)              cannot succeed.

(e) Had I seen you before             .

Sylhet Board 2017

(a) Cricket is a game             .

(b) Boys and girls of our country             .

(c) Though cricket is a costly game,             .

(d) Bangladesh is a test playing country             .

(e)              to upgrade the standard.

Barishal Board 2017

(a) Slum dwellers are so poor             .

(b) As they live there in an inhuman condition,             .

(c) Although they do hard labor from dawn to dusk,             .

(d) Come forward to help them lest             .

(e) Only then they will be able to             .

Jashore Board 2017

(a) Five years have passed since              .

(b) Hardly had the assembly began             .

(c)              lest you should miss the plane.

(d) Danger often comes             .

(e) The lady speaks as if             .

Dhaka Board 2015

(a) Many people cut trees             .

(b) Trees cause rainfall which             .

(c) If we cut trees at random,             .

(d) Trees supply oxygen             .

(e) Since trees help us in many ways             .

Chattogram Board 2015

(a) As a flower is a symbol of love, beauty and purity, it is             .

(b) There is hardly any person             .

(c) We can turn enemies into friends if we             .

(d) It is said that those who do not love flowers             .

(e) Many people cultivate flowers because             .

Chattogram Board 2015

(a) If you do not waste time             .

(b) This is the boy             .

(c)              I were a child.

(d) United we stand,             .

(e) The boy is so weak in mathematics             .

Barishal Board 2015

(a) We must work hard in order that             .

(b) A man who              cannot shine in life.

(c) It is hard labor that             .

(d) The idle cannot reach their target because             .

(e)              unless you work hard.

Sylhet Board 2015

(a) Yesterday I did not get up early from bed because,             .

(b) As soon as I got up from bed,             .

(c) As I could not hire a rickshaw,             .

(d) On the way to school I walked fast lest             .

(e) If I reached late,             .

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