Important Abbreviations

In our daily lives, we use many types of abbreviations when we send SMS or read newspapers where there are some space restrictions. Here is a list of some useful abbreviations in context of Bangladesh.

S S C Secondary School Certificate

H S C Higher Secondary Certificate

O Levels Ordinary Levels

A Levels Advanced Levels

B B A ⚫ Bachelor of Business Administration

M B A Master of Business Administration

B A Bachelor of Arts

B Sc Bachelor of Social Science

M A Master of Arts

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation

CNN Cable News Network

AP Associated Press

ISSB Inter Service Selection Board

AD Anno Domini (Latin)

BC Before Christ

AM Ante Medium

ATM Automatic Teller Machine

PM Post Meridiem (Afternoon)

CLT Communicate Language Testing

GRE Graduate Record Examination

LAD Language Acquisition Device

CAH Critical Age Hypothesis

TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language

IELTS International English Language Testing System

BCS Bangladesh Civil Service

PSC Public Service Commission

UN United Nations

NB Nota bene (Latin)

C/O Care of

SP Superintendent of Police

OSD Officer on Special Duty

RAB Rapid Action Battalion

CID Criminal Investigation Department

DC Deputy Commissioner

OC Officer in Charge

CNG Compressed Natural Gas

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

FM Frequency Module

SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation

CD Compact Disc

DVD Digital Video Disc

VCD Video Compact Disc

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

CEDAW Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

ICDDRB International Center For Diarrhea Disease Research, Bangladesh