Story Writing

Honesty is the Best PolicyOnce upon a time there lived a poor man called Suruj Ali who was an honest, hard-working man and looked after a large mango orchard. The owner of the orchard, Hamidur Rahman, was a very rich man. One day, some of Hamidur Rahman’s friends came to visit him. It was during the summer season when the mangoes were ripe. So, Hamidur Rahman asked Suruj Ali to pick some of the ripe mangoes and give them to his friends. Suruj Ali went to the orchard and carefully picked some nice, large mangoes. Then he gave them to his master. When Hamidur Rahman and his friends started eating them, Hamidur Rahman said, ‘These mangoes don’t taste sweet. They’re sour! How can we eat them?’ So, he called Suruj Ali back and asked him to take the sour mangoes away and bring some sweet ones from his orchard. When Suruj Ali knew that the mangoes were also sour, he rushed into the mango orchard and picked some fresh ones. Then he brought them to his master and went away. After a few minutes, however, Suruj Ali heard his master shouting. So he rushed back. ‘’You have been working here for three years but you still don’t know which mangoes are sweet and which ones are sour!” Hamidur Rahman exclaimed. Suruj Ali replied that he told me to look after his mangoes buy didn’t tell him to eat them. Hamidur Rahman admired his honesty and became proud of him.
A Thirsty CrowOn a very hot summer day a crow was feeling very thirsty. He flew from place to place in search of water, but he could not find it anywhere. She continued to search hard but couldn’t find any water to quench her thirst. He was very weak, sad and disappointed at not getting a drop of it. Then after a long time, he sat on a branch of a tree where there was a pitcher under the tree with a little water in it. He flew down to the pitcher and sat on its edge. When he craned his beak to quench his thirst, he, saw to his great discouragement, that the water was just at the bottom. The crow could not reach the water with her beak. He even tried to overturn the jug but could not. It was too heavy for him to move. When he was just about to fly in despair, he thought of a plan The crow thought hard for a while. Then, looking around it, he saw some pebbles. He suddenly had a good idea. He started picking up the pebbles one by one, dropping each into the pitcher. Slowly and slowly the level of water rose and came up to the neck. The crow was overjoyed to see this. He dipped his beak, quenched his thirst and flew away.Moral: Think and work hard, you may find solution to any problem. /Where there is a will there is a way./Necessity is the mother of invention.
The Hare and the TortoiseOnce there was a hare who was very proud of his speed. He was walking beside a forest. Suddenly he saw a tortoise. It was moving very slowly. He laughed at it saying, ‘Hurry up, you are so slow! Can’t you move a little faster?’ The tortoise felt angry and said, ‘Why don’t we run a race and see who wins?’ The hare laughed even more. ‘Why not, let’s do that.’ They agreed to start from under a tree and finish at a place near the forest. All the animals in the field put on their best clothes, groomed their fur, picked up a flag to wave and got ready to cheer the tortoise and the hare on. The crow was the referee. Then they started their race. In a few minutes the hare was out of sight. He thought himself that his competitor must be far behind and he was already half-way through. So he decided to have a nap in the warm sunshine beside that tree. Seeing a shady bush nearby, he lay down under it.  Soon he fell asleep. But the tortoise walked steadily on and on. In a short time, he passed by the sleeping hare. The hare slept longer than he thought he would. When he woke up at last, he looked around and saw in surprise that the tortoise was near the finishing line. He ran as fast as he could. But it was too late. The tortoise had reached the finishing line before he could do so. The tortoise looked back at the hare and said smilingly to see how the slow but steady wins the race.Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.
Belling the Cat/Who Is to Bell the Cat?There was a grocery shop in a town. Plenty of mice lived in that grocery shop. Food was in plenty for them. They ate everything and spoiled all the bags. They also wasted the bread, biscuits and fruits of the shop. The grocer got really worried. After much thought, he bought a nice, big fat cat and let him stay there. The cat had a nice time hunting the mice and killing them. The mice could not move freely now. They were afraid that anytime the cat would eat them up. The Mice once called a meeting to decide on a plan to free themselves of their enemy, the Cat. Indeed, something had to be done, for they lived in such constant fear of her claws. Many plans were discussed, but none of them was thought good enough. At last one of them proposes placing a bell around its neck, so that they are warned of its approach. The plan is applauded by the others. All the Mice were much surprised that they had not thought of such a plan before. But in the midst of the rejoicing over their good fortune, an old Mouse arose and said that the plan of the young Mouse is very good. But let me ask one question who will bell the Cat? It is one thing to say that something should be done, but quite a different matter to do it.Moral: Easier said than done. / Empty solutions are of no worth./Easy to advise but difficult to practise. / Easy to say but difficult to do.
Two friends and a BearA man was travelling together with his friend along a narrow road through a deep forest. They felt safe because they thought that they could fight against all odds in their way. They promised to help each other. As they were travelling along discussing various subjects, a bear suddenly confronted them in the middle of the road. Without hasitation one of the friends ran straight for a tree and climbed up to escape death. The other friend could not know how to climb up but at the same time he knew that a bear doesn’t like a dead body for its meal. At once, finding no other alternative way, he then fell to the ground on purpose, pretending to be dead. The wild beast immediately ran up to him, eager to seize her victim. The bear went up to the man and sniffed about his ears. It pawed at him a few times. Thinking the man was dead, the bear walked away to its den. The men gradually began to relax and started up their conversation again. After the bear left, his friend came down from the tree.  “What did the bear say to you, friend, when he whispered in your ear?” asked his friend. “Oh,” answered his friend, ” Those who do not help friends in times of trouble, one should not make friendship with such people.”Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
A Farmer and Three Sons/The Old Man and His Quarrelling SonLong ago and far away, there was a rich and industrious farmer who had three sons. His sons always quarreled and fought with one another. Though their father often advised them to mend their ways, they did not pay any heed to him. He was not only very angry but also very depressed. One day, the old farmer was lying on his bed and he thought that he would not live much longer. He gathered his sons about him. He told a servant to bring in a bundle of seven sticks tied together. He handed the bundle to his oldest son and said to him to break the bundle then. The son tried with all his might, but he could not break the bundle. One by one, the other brothers tried. Not one of them was strong enough. By looking at them farmer again ordered them to open the bundle and then cut the sticks. This time they had no difficulty breaking the sticks. In a few moments all the sticks were broken. Finally, farmer said them that if you are united, nobody would hurt you but if you will always fight, everyone will hurt you. The old man looked at his son affectionately and said, “Remember, in unity there is strength.” These words worked magic. They promised to live in peace.Moral: United we stand, divided we fall. / Unity is strength.
Robert Bruce and the Spider/Robert Bruce, the King of ScotlandOnce there was a king named Robert Bruce who lived in Scotland. He was a great warrior and so he fought many battles and won them. But once he was badly defeated. He ran away from the battle field to save his life and took shelter in a cave where he hid himself. He was wrapped up in deep sorrow and out of disappointment. So, he gave up all his hope and struggle. One day when he was lying in the cave, he saw a spider which was trying to reach the roof of the cave. It made six attempts to reach its web but every time it slipped down. Now the king got interested and watched the spider carefully. He was astonished to see that spider did not lose heart but continued its efforts to reach up at the top. At the seventh attempt the spider was successful in its attempt of reaching its web. This incident boosted up the spirit of King Bruce. He gained new strength and fresh courage. He gathered his forces and fought another battle. This time he fought with new vigor and enthusiasm and was ultimately successful in making his country free.Moral: Failure is the pillar of success.
Sheikh Saadi and His Dress/Sheikh Saadi and His Teaching/ The Value of AttireSheikh Saadi was a great Persian poet, an earnest devotee and a great saint who used to put on simple dress. Once the king of Iran named Jalaluddin Saiyuti invited him to his place which was too far away from his home. So, he started for the king’s palace a day ago. On the way, when it was about to dark, he took shelter in the house of a nobleman. The nobleman could not recognize him and treated him as an ordinary man because of his wearing simple dress. Since he did not disclose his real identity, the nobleman and his servants did not show much honour and hospitality to him for his ordinary dress. They entertained him with very poor food. In the morning the poet left the rich man’s house. He reached the king’s palace. The king showed much honour to him and gifted some beautiful dresses. A few days later, on his way back home he took shelter again in the same house. This time he was in gorgeous dress offered by the king. The nobleman received him very cordially with warm reception and entertained him with rich and delicious food. He was taking food off the plates and putting them in his pockets. The noble man seeing this was surprised and asked the poet about his mysterious behaviour. The poet replied that his dress deserved the food as he had been treated in very poor way from this house a few days ago. The nobleman could realize his fault and got ashamed for his mistreat. He also begged forgiveness to the poet.                                                                                            Moral: Dress does not make one great.
A Cobbler and a BankerThere lived a happy cobbler who passed his days working and singing from morning till night. A rich neighbour of his was a banker who one day asked him how much he earned a year. The cobbler replied that he earned enough to make both ends meet. But he was used to this sort of life and he was happy. The next day the rich banker again came to visit the cobbler. He came with ten thousand taka in a bag. He said to him, “My friend, I have brought ten thousand taka for you. Keep this money and remove your distress.” The cobbler was greatly surprised. At first he refused to take the money. Then he took the money from the rich man and thanked him. Now a new thinking took hold of the cobbler. He said to himself, “Ten thousand taka is a lot of money.” He could not think where to keep the money. He did not find any safe place to keep the bag. He dug a hole in his hut and kept the money there. But he always thought that his money could be stolen any time. This thought kept him awake and his sleep fled away at night. He even could not devote himself to his work. As a result, his life became more miserable. Peace and happiness vanished from his life. The cobbler gradually realized that he had money, but no peace of mind. Moral: Money can’t bring happiness.
The Lion and the MouseOnce, as a lion lay sleeping in his den, a naughty little mouse ran up his tail, and danced and jumped on his head. Waking up, the lion grabbed the mouse and, holding him in his large claws, roared in anger. ‘How dare you wake me up! I shall kill you and eat you!’The terrified mouse, shaking and trembling, begged the lion to let him go. ‘Please don’t eat me and I promise I will be your friend forever. Who knows but one day I could save your life?’ The lion looked at the tiny mouse and laughed. Then the lion opened his claws and let the mouse go free.A few days later the lion was caught in a hunter’s snare. Struggle as he might, he couldn’t break free and became even more entangled in the net of ropes. He let out a roar of anger that shook the forest. Every animal heard it, including the tiny mouse. ‘The mouse ran as fast as he could in the direction of the lion’s roar, and soon found the lion trapped in the hunter’s snare. And without further delay, the mouse began nibbling through the ropes with his sharp little teeth. Very soon the lion was free. ‘I did not believe that you could be of use to me, little mouse, but today you saved my life,’ said the lion humbly. ‘It was my turn to help you, Sire,’ answered the mouse.    Moral: Even the small things have their worth.
A Greedy DogOnce there lived a very greedy dog. One afternoon, the dog was terribly hungry. He decided to go look for something to eat. He walked across the wooden bridge and started sniffing around for food. Suddenly, he spotted a bone lying at a distance. “Ah, I am in luck. This looks a delicious bone,” he said. Without wasting any time, the hungry dog picked up the bone. When he was just about to eat it, he thought that somebody might see here with this bone. So, holding the bone in his mouth, he ran towards his house.  While crossing the wooden bridge, the dog looked down into the river. There he saw his own reflection. The foolish dog mistook it for another dog. He thought, “How nice it would be to snatch that piece of bone as well. Then, I will have two bones.” So, the greedy dog looked at his reflection and growled. The reflection growled back, too. This made the dog angry. So he started barking at the reflection to have the other piece of meat. But Alas! During barking, his piece of meat fell from his mouth in the stream below and the current swept it away. The he realized that what he had seen was nothing but his own reflections and not another dog. But it was too late. He had lost the piece of bone because of his greed. Now he had to go hungry. Moral: Greed brings about disaster. / Do not be greedy. / Greed is a curse. / Grasp all, lose all.
The Fox Without a Tail/ Dirty Tricks Seldom WorkA Fox that had been caught in a trap, succeeded at last after a lot of effort but in his struggle. But he had to leave his beautiful bushy tail behind him. For a long time, he kept away from the other Foxes, for he knew well enough that they would all make fun of him and crack jokes and laugh behind his back. But it was hard for him to live alone, and at last he thought of a plan that would perhaps help him out of his trouble. He called a meeting of all the Foxes, saying that he had something of great importance to tell the tribe. When they were all gathered together, the Fox Without a Tail got up and made a long speech about those Foxes who had come to harm because of their tails. This one had been caught by hounds when his tail had become entangled in the hedge. That one had not been able to run fast enough because of the weight of his brush. Besides, it was well known, he said, that men hunt Foxes simply for their tails, which they cut off as prizes of the hunt. With such proof of the danger and uselessness of having a tail, said Master Fox, he would advise every Fox to cut it off, if he valued life and safety.When he had finished talking, an old Fox arose, and said, smiling: “Master Fox, kindly turn around for a moment, and you shall have your answer.” When the poor Fox Without a Tail turned around, there arose such a storm of jeers and hooting, that he saw how useless it was to try any longer to persuade the Foxes to part with their tails.Moral: Empty words cannot become facts./ Do not trust someone with self-interest. /Misery loves company. /Losing a tail is embarrassing./Intelligent people can see through the evil motive of a man who wants others to suffer like him. / A bad man wants to drive everyone in the problem in which he is.
Bayazid’s Devotion to His Mother/Bayezid and His MotherBayazid was a small boy whose mother was ill. One day he was studying by the side of his ailing mother. All on a sudden his mother woke up, raised her head and told her son to give a glass of water. Hearing this, Bayazid went to fetch a glass of water but unfortunately he found no water in the pitcher. Then he went out with a jar in that dark night to fetch water. He got frightened but he did not give up his effort of fetching water. At last, he reached a distant fountain to bring water. He filled the pitcher with water and began to walk fast towards his house. At about 2.a.m. he reached at home. But he saw that his mother was in deep sleep. He refrained from disturbing his mother and stood still beside his mother’s bed with the glass of water. She was surprised to find Bayazid still standing by her bed. She said, “O my son, why did you not leave the glass on the table and go to sleep? “Dear mother, I thought you would not find the water on waking. So I did not leave it on the table and go to sleep. Please take the glass and drink, “answered bayazid with a smile. His mother drank water and prayed to Allah to bless her son with the highest spiritual honour. Later on, Bayazid became one of the famous devotees of Islam.                                                                                                                                                              Moral: A prayer of a mother for a devoted child is always accepted by Allah.
Mercy Never Goes UnrewardedIt was a hot summer day. Sun was shining bright up in the sky. A lion was sitting under the shade of a big tree and in some time got asleep. Nearby that tree, there was a hole, in which there lived a mouse. When the lion was sleeping, the mouse came out of its hole and saw him asleep. Unaware of the lion’s strength, it got tickled by an idea. It thought of waking up the lion by running over his body just for fun. Unfortunately, the lion seized it in his strong paw. The mouse pleaded for its life. Being generous by nature, the lion set it free. The mouse promised to help the lion if it ever got the chance. The lion laughed aloud at this. After all, how could a tiny mouse help the king of the jungle? A few days later, the mouse was passing through the jungle when he saw the same lion trapped in a hunter’s net and it was tied into a net under a tree. The lion was groaning and shouting for help. But nobody was there. The mouse came to him. The mouse said, “Don’t worry sir. I will help you”. It cut the ropes of the net with his sharp teeth one after another and soon the lion was free. Then the lion realized that a little animal can also help others. He was very grateful to the mouse and thanked the little mouse for its timely help.Moral: Never under-estimate anyone. /Everything has its own value. /A friend in need is a friend in deed.
Grapes Are Sour/The Hungry Fox/ The Fox and the GrapesOnce upon a time, a hungry fox was roaming around here and there searching for food. Because of hunger, he was feeling weak and tired. Fortunately, he came to a garden where he saw a grape-vine laden with bunches of grapes they looked quite ripe and juicy. The fox looked at the grapes with longing eyes and licked his chops. But the bunches were too high for him and he was feeling weak. So he sat down for a while to take some rest. On feeling refreshed, he jumped as high as he could, to get at the grapes. But he failed to reach them. Then he again rested for some time and made another bold attempt, but was unlucky for the second time. He tried again and again, but it was all in vain. Forced to give up trying anymore, he just walked away and instead of accepting his failure, he remarked “The grapes appeared to be ripe and juicy, but now I see them to be quite sour and are not at all worth eating.” This story, thus, proves that, people generally hate what they can’t get.Moral: It’s easy to despise what you cannot have. /People pretend to dislike what they cannot get.
 A Greedy Farmer/The Golden GooseOnce upon a time, there lived a poor farmer who used to maintain his family with much hardship. One day he went to market and bought a wonderful goose. At first glance his wife insisted to kill the goose and determined to tame. One day, the farmer found there an egg glittering lying outside his hut. He took it home and soon found to his delight that it was an egg of pure gold. He could hardly believe his eyes and disclosed it to his wife delightfully. Every morning the same thing occurred, and he soon became rich by collecting and selling his eggs. Within a very short time, he owned huge sum of money and built a gorgeous house to live in. But by this time the man became very greedy and impatient to have all the eggs at a time. Since he was greedy and wanted to be millionaire overnight. So, one day he hit upon a plan that he would kill the goose and get all the eggs of gold from its belly. The farmer told his wife about his plan. She frequently forbade her husband to be greedy and requested to be contented with what they have. The farmer did not pay any heed to his wife’s suggestion. He immediately killed the goose with a sharp knife. No sooner had he cut its belly than unluckily he did not find a single egg inside. He became extremely disappointed and lost the valuable goose forever. Instead of becoming rich, he became poorer. Through this incident, the farmer realised his fault clearly that over greediness brought misfortune for him.                                                                                Moral: Grasp all, lose all.
The Story of Greedy DogOnce there lived a dog. He was very greedy. There were many times that he had to pay for his greed. Each time the dog promised himself that he had learnt a good lesson and he would never be greedy again. But he soon forgot his promises and was as greedy as ever. One afternoon, the dog was terribly hungry and went in search of food. He stole a piece of meat from a farmer’s kitchen. Taking it in his mouth, he started to run away from the place.  The dog happily carried the bone back home. He held the bone tightly in his mouth and scowled at anyone who tried to take it away. On his way home, he had to cross a bridge. While crossing the bridge, the dog saw his reflection in the water below. The foolish dog thought there was another dog in the water, holding another juicy bone. The greedy dog wanted to have that bone too. He growled and barked at his own reflection in the water. As he opened his mouth, the bone in his mouth fell into the river. It was only when the water splashed that the greedy dog realized that what he had seen was nothing but his own reflections and not another dog. But it was too late. He had lost the piece of bone because of his greed. The dog lost his bone and had to go home, hungry.
Slow and Steady Wins the RaceOnce there lived a hare and a tortoise in a jungle. The hare was very proud of his speed and therefore used to ridicule the tortoise for his slow speed. He uttered that it was a little creature and he crawl very slowly. The tortoise listened to him but said nothing. The hare grew more impudent. He began to call him names. This was too much for the tortoise to bear. He became angry and challenged him to a race. The hare at first laughed but then accepted the challenge. A tree at a distance was fixed as the victory post. At a whistle from the fox the race started. As expected, the hare left the tortoise far behind. Soon the hare felt bored. So, he stopped and began eating blades of green grass. Having had his fill, he felt sleepy. Seeing a shady bush nearby, he lay down under it. As the tortoise was quite away behind, he had no worry from his side. As for the tortoise, he plugged along at his slow place and overtook the sleeping hare. Passing by him silently, he got to the winning point. When the hare awoke, it was fairly late. He feared that the tortoise might have passed by him. So, he ran at break-neck speed but only to find his rival already there as a winner.
The Bone in ThroatOnce upon a time, there was a lazy wolf living in a jungle. Near his house was a pond. Many animals came to the pond to drink water. The wolf was always in search of food. One day, he was sitting near the pond hoping to get something to eat. When suddenly he spotted a dead bull. He began to eat the bull. In his haste, a piece of bone got stuck in his throat. He tried to bring it out of his mouth. He tried to cough it out but in vain. Next, he tried to swallow it down but he failed. Suddenly he remembered that a crane lived on the nearby riverbank. The wolf went to the crane and pleaded that he had got a bone stuck in my throat. He will give him a present, if he could pull it out of his throat with his long beak. The crane took pity on the wolf. He asked the wolf to look up with his mouth open. The crane then put its head into the wolf’s mouth and pulled out the bone. Then the fox got relief. Now the crane asked where his present was. “What present?” the wolf replied, pretending not aware of its promise. He added that it was not a present that he put his head into his mouth and got out alive? “He could have easily crushed his head while his beak was inside his mouth,” said the ungrateful wolf and went away. The crane felt helpless and decided not to help any ungrateful creature in the future.
A Fox and a GoatIt was a hot summer day. A fox was very thirsty. Looking around for a place to quench his thirst, he came across a well that had very little water in it. He was so thirsty that he got down into it and quenched his thirst. Having had his fill, the fox wondered how he would get out of the well. At that time a very thirsty goat passed by the well and saw the fox there. She asked the fox what he was doing there. The cunning fox replied that he had himself jumped into the well and found it very cool and pleasant. He also asked if he wanted to drink sweet and cold water. He further told to come down and experience the pleasure there. Without thinking of the result she jumped into the well. The fox at once jumped on her back, and with another jump he was out of well. The fox smiled at the poor goat and went his way leaving behind the goat to repent. The goat felt so sorry but nothing to do for escaping.                                                                                                                                                                  Moral: Look before you leap.
Cunningness of the MonkeyOnce there lived two cats in a house. One day they stole a piece of bread form their neighbouring house. But the problem arose how to divide it because each of the cats wanted the larger portion of it. When they failed to reach any conclusion, they went to a monkey who is considered to be the wisest of all the animals. They requested the monkey to divide the bread equally.The monkey brought a pair of scales but couldn’t resist his temptation. He determined to eat the bread and made a plan in his mind. He torn out the bread into two pieces and put them on the scales. He told the cats that one piece was clearly heavier than the other. So, he bit off a part of the bigger piece. As a result, the piece became heavier. Then the monkey took a part form the heavier piece and put it on the scales. Actually he was doing it intentionally. The monkey continued doing the same thing again and again until there remained only one piece of bread.Now, the cats being very much annoyed, told the monkey to return that piece to them. They said that they themselves would divide the bread equally. But the monkey said that he toiled much to divide the bread equally. So he wanted it as his fee. Saying so, the monkey ate up that piece also. The cat left the place in a very sad mood but the incident made them wise also.
Pathetic Consequence of an Egotist King
King Lear was very old and tired. He decided to abandon his power and divide his kingdom among his three daughters named Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. He portioned the land according to how much his daughters loved him. The daughter who loved him most got the most land.  The three daughters were summoned before the king.Goneril really despised him, but spoke of her everlasting love. Then Regan claimed that she loved Lear even more than Goneril. Cordelia, who loves her father very much, said she loved him no more or less than she should. The old king was so angry that he banished her from the kingdom.  The King of France admired Cordelia’s honesty and married her. He and his new wife moved to France.Lear had no castle now, so he took one hundred knights. Goneril treated him badly and Lear discovered how evil she really is. He then went to see Regan and her husband Cornwall. Regan did not come out and see her father either. His children too had cheated him. His younger son, Edmund and favorite son, Edgar, had talked of murdering his father.News reached Cordelia who had raised an army at Dover. The battle started. Lear was so tired that he slept through the whole battle. He awoke to find that Cordelia’s army had been defeated and she was sentenced to death. A servant came and explained that Goneril had poisoned Regan. She had been hanged. At last the king stumbled into a faint, and took his last breath. Thus the egotist king faced a terrible death due to his egotism.
The Integrity of a Young Boy
Once upon a time there was a lad named Harun who has a strong sense of morality. One day he was returning from school to home. On the way he suddenly noticed that there was something lying on a footpath in a major market at Mirpur. Approaching its nearer, he could behold a bag. Seeing none around him, he at once picked the bag and brought it at home. He searched the ins and out of bags and got some valuable things like 500 taka along with two credit cards, an address book, an admit card. Promptly, he thought himself that this small amount of money could help him but other things were completely valueless to him. On the other hand, the owner of the bag had lost the things that could be very important to him. He then shared the idea with his mother. She ordered him to make a phone call to the owner as early as possible. He phoned and gave address. After an hour later, the owner of the bag came and he handed down the bag. The man became surprised and wordless. He showed his gratitude towards his mother for giving birth a child like him. The man thanked him so much and proposed him to wish what he wanted. He informed him to pray for him. He became happy and presented me a nice pen. When papa came, mother described it to him who then assured Harun to buy a computer.
The story of RinaRina works in a big garment factory. There are more than five hundred workers in the factory. One day as usual, she was busy at her work. Suddenly a sound came to her ear that there was break out of fire from the short-circuit. As ill news runs fast, the news spread very fast among the workers. But no one noticed whether there was actually any fire at all. All the workers tried their best to come out from the house. But some fell down and others stumbled them. At least 14 were died. So flied and jumped through the window. Among them two were died and all of the rest were injured. Rina also was injured. But later everyone came to know that it was just a rumor. There was a blast of electric transmitter near the building. It was really a tragic scene.
An Ant and a Dove
Once an ant was very thirsty. He went to a pond to drink water. When he began to drink water, a wave swept him away. He was about to drown. There was a tree on the bank of the pond. A dove was sitting on a branch of the tree. He noticed the ant was about to drown. The dove felt pity for the ant. He wanted to save the ant. So he dropped a leaf of the ant. The ant got on the leaf and saved his life. Another day the ant was seeking food under that tree. Then he noticed that a hunter had aimed at the dove. The dove did not know it. The ant thought, “I must save the life of the dove.” So he bit on the right leg of the hunter. At this the hunter’s hands trembled and the bullet missed its aim. Then the dove flew away and saved his life.                                                                                                                                                              Moral: If you do a good deed, you will get a good return.
The Golden Touch/King Midas and His DaughterThere was once a king named Midas who was a very greedy king. Even though he was very rich he always craved for more and more. One day, he called his court magician and commanded, ‘’Find me a spell that can get me more treasures than I already have.” The magician said, “Your majesty, I can give you a power that no one else in this world has. Anything that you touch will turn into gold’- The king was delighted with his good fortune. Everything he touched turned into gold. He turned trees, grass, tables, chairs, flowers, and vases into gold. He thought that he must be the richest man in the world. But in the evening, when he sat down for supper, King Midas was dismayed. His food turned into gold the moment he touched it and he had to go to bed without any food! How­ever, King Midas was too greedy to be sad about it. The next morning, the king’s daughter ran to hug her father. But alas! The minute she kissed him, she turned into a gold statue! King Midas loved his daughter who was a very beautiful girl with a beautiful smile that everyone adorded. Being very sad, he ran to the magician for help. He cried, “Please help me, 0 Magician! I don’t want to be rich anymore. I only want my beloved daughter back.” The magician changed everything back to normal. King Midas had learnt his lesson and was never greedy again. Moral: Greed sure to bring on grief. / Greed begets sin and sin to die.
The Pied Piper of Hamelin/The Town of Hamelin and the RatsOnce upon a time there was a town called Hamelin. There were rats everywhere in Hamelin – rats in the corn silos, rats in the shops, rats in the streets, and rats in the houses. The rats bred and soon there were so many. The people of Hamelin came to the Town Hall and demanded to know what the Mayor was doing about the rats. When the Mayor was surrounded by his Councilors, he announced a magnificent reward of one thousand gold guilders to any person who could rid the town of the rats. The very next day a stranger appeared in Hamelin wearing a hat. He told the Mayor and his councilors that, for a thousand gold guilders, he could rid Hamelin of the rats that infested it. The Mayor enthusiastically agreed and the Pied Piper stepped outside. Now the Pied Piper started to play a dancing tune and the rats followed along behind. At the river side the Piper stopped, the rats continued dancing and al last all were sunk in the river. The people of Hamelin were celebrating the victory against the rats. The Pied Piper asked for his one thousand gold guilders but the Mayor refused to pay such amount of money. The piper left the place being humiliated. The Piper now came to the street and started playing his pipe again. All the children came out of their house dancing and were following him.The parents were relieved when they saw the Pied Piper turn away from the river towards the mountain. When a small door appeared in the side of the mountain, the Pied Piper and all of the children disappeared inside the mountain and the small door shut so tightly that no one could tell exactly where it had been.                          Moral: Breaking a promise brings a great destroy.
A Cap Seller and a MonkeyIt was a hot summer day. A man was passing through a village. He sold caps to the villagers. He walked for miles and felt very tired. He sat under a big tree to take rest. He put his basket of caps beside him. He then fell asleep. There were monkeys in the tree. The monkeys saw the caps in the basket. They became curious.The monkeys came down from the tree and took away the caps. After some time, the man woke up. He found that there was no cap in the basket. He was surprised. He looked for the caps. Then he heard some sound above his head. He looked up. He could not believe his eyes! The monkeys were wearing the caps.The cap-seller became very worried. He did not know what to do. Suddenly he remembered that monkeys like to imitate. So he took off his own cap and threw it on the ground. The monkeys saw it. They also threw their caps on the ground. The cap-seller did not miss the chance. He at once collected the caps from the ground. Then he quickly left the place.
An Idle kingOnce there was an old king who was averse to physical labour. As a result, he grew very fat and could not move from one place to another easily. He called on a very clever and wise doctor. So he could easily understand that the idleness of the king is the root cause of his obesity. But the only way to reduce the obesity was to advise the king to do physical labour. The doctor was afraid thinking that if he advised him to do physical labour and if the king didn’t do so, he would grow bulkier. Finally, he hit upon a plan. He told the king that his (k) physical condition was not good at all and that’s why he needed immediate treatment. Hearing this, the king became gloomy. Then the doctor gave him a club and told him to brandish it in the morning and in the evening for at least one hour each day. At the very beginning day, when the king started brandishing the club, he became very tired. Sweat came out of his body and he found the task very difficult. The king continued doing the job for one month. After a month, he found himself fresh and healthy. His bulky body became normal and he looked very smart. After a month, the doctor called on the king in his palace. The doctor told the king that physical labour is the best medicine to keep the body fit. The king understood the doctor’s technique. He praised the doctor and thanked him for prescribing such a good medicine for him. He also rewarded him.
The King and the Clever AstrologerOnce upon a time there was a king who was very fond of knowing his future from the astrologers. He often invited the best astrologer of the kingdom. A famous astrologer happened to stop at his capital on his way to Benares. The king called on him to know about his future and the astrologer told him something unpleasant. At this the king got furious and condemned him to death saying, “Men like you should not live to spoil the peace of the world. “But another thought crossed his mind before the astrologer was removed for execution. “How long would you live?” asked the king. This astrologer mused for a while for some way of escape, as he was sure the king would prove him a liar putting him to death then there, if he would live longer than that day. With ready wit he said, “The stars declare that I shall die only a week before your majesty. So, good-bye. I shall wait to receive your Majesty where you have been sending me.” At this the king turned pale as dead and shouted, “Drive this wretch away, let him not come again.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Moral: A ready wit can save one from danger.
What is Play to One is Death to AnotherOnce upon a time there was a pond full of frogs. As it was during the rainy season, it was filled to brim with water. Many dogs took their shelter in the pond. Some of them often put their heads out of the water and croaked loudly. One day some wicked boys were playing by the side of the pond. When they heard the frogs croaking, they began to throw stones into the pond for fun. Some of the frogs became seriously wounded. But the frogs had no ability to stop them. They requested them again and again but it was of no response. So, all the frogs at once went down into water. But the boys did not leave the place. They remained standing there with stones in their hands. They went on pelting the frogs with stones when they raised their heads above the water.The boys enjoyed much for doing this. But the frogs fell in a danger. Finding no other alternative way an aged old frog raised his head out of the water and said, “Dear boys, don’t throw stones at us, please.” “We’re playing,” said the boys, laughing. “I understand that,” said the old frog. “But the stones you throw hit and hurt us. What’s play to you is death to us.” The boys did not pay any heed and ran away from there.At night the most intelligent of the boys dreamt a bad dream that he was tied with a small net under a big tree. Some frogs started throwing stones to him. He repeatedly requested the frogs to do so but the frogs continued their activity. He was badly wounded due the cruelty of the frogs. He was about to die. He could understand how painful it was! Meanwhile he woke up from sleep and called his friends. He narrated what happened to him in his dream. The boys realized their fault and promised not to do it again.
A woodcutter and the Beautiful Fairy/An Honest WoodcutterOnce there lived a poor but honest woodcutter who used to cut trees in the woods near a river. He earned his livelihood by selling wood in the market. One day while he was cutting wood on the bank of a river, his axe fell down into the deep river suddenly.  As the poor woodcutter did not know how to swim, he could not take his axe out. He sat on the bank and began to weep, as he had not the money to buy another axe. He was very depressed and blaming his lot. Then a wonderful thing happened. Mercury, the god of water appeared before the woodcutter. In a sweet voice she asked the reason of his weeping. The woodcutter told the whole story sorrowfully. The fairy took pity on him. Then she dived into the water and brought an axe made of gold. She asked him if it was his axe. The wood cutter saw the axe and replied negatively that was not his axe. She then again went into the water and replied with a silver one. This time also the wood-cutter refused to take it. Finally, she brought an iron axe that was the lost axe. The woodcutter then said happily that it was his axe. Then the fairy became very pleased at his honesty and she rewarded the woodcutter with the other two axes. Then the woodcutter became rich and began to live happily.Moral: Honesty is the best policy./Honesty is rewarded, dishonesty is punished.
A Poor Boatman and a ScholarOnce upon a time there lived a poor and illiterate boatman in a village. He used to row in boat from morning till evening only to make his both ends meet. It was a month of Baishakh. A scholar got into his boat one day. The scholar asked the boatman if he read history.  The boatman replied in the negative. The scholar told him that without any knowledge of history one-fourth of his life was spoilt. He looked at the beautiful scenery and asked the boatman again whether he had read geography. As usual, the reply of the boatman was in the negative. This time the scholar said that one half of the boatman’s life was spoilt. The boatman was sad and thought of the uselessness of his life. Then they were silent for some time. It was afternoon. The scholar broke the silence and asked the boatman if he knew anything about science. “No, nothing do I know of science,” was the answer of the boatman. The scholar told him that his life was of no use. Three-fourths of his life were spoilt. This time the boatman remained silent and went on rowing boat in a sad mood. All on a sudden, the sky became overcast with dark clouds. A ghastly wind began to blow. There was darkness all around. There were also heavy showers with lightening. The scholar was very much frightened. Eventually, the storm became violent. But the boatman was very quiet because he was used to this weather. The boatman said to him. “Sir, do you know how to swim?” The scholar replied in the negative in a pitiful voice. The boatman said, “The boat is going to sink. Now I see, the whole of your life is spoilt. Your bookish knowledge is of no use at this moment.”
The Wisdom of King SolomonKing Solomon, the son of king David, became renowned throughout the Middle East for his wealth and wisdom. The Queen of Sheba was herself fabulously wealthy, yet curious and sceptical of Solomon’s reputation. The Queen of Sheba heard of him and his wisdom. She wanted to test his wisdom. With great ceremony the Queen of Sheba accompanied by many attendants and camels, brings a large quantity of spices, gold and precious stones to see for herself.   The Queen went to Solomon’s court. She also brought two garlands of flowers with her. One was natural and the other was artificial. She placed them before the king and asked him to take the real one. The courtiers were clueless about the right answer. The king thought for a while. It was very difficult to identify the real one as they were the same flowers with same color. The Queen felt joy at defeating the King. At that time, he noticed some bees flying outside the windows. King Solomon told his men to open the window. As soon as they opened the window, the bees came in and sat on the real garland. Then the king took that garland. The Queen of Seba became very surprised and charmed of his wisdom. She blessed the king from her heart and said, “You are really ‘Solomon the wise’’.
An ant and a GrasshopperOnce there lived an ant and a grasshopper in a grassy meadow. All day long he would work, without stop or rest, scurrying back and forth from the field, collecting the grains of wheat and storing them carefully in her larder.The ant would ignore him, and head bent, would just hurry to the field a little faster. This would make the grasshopper laugh even louder. ‘What a silly little ant you are!’ he would call after him. ‘Come, come and dance with me! Forget about work! Enjoy the summer! Live a little!’ And the grasshopper would hop away across the meadow, singing and dancing merrily.Summer faded into autumn, and autumn turned into winter. The sun was hardly seen, and the days were short and grey, the nights long and dark. It became freezing cold, and snow began to fall.The grasshopper didn’t feel like singing any more. He was cold and hungry. He had nowhere to shelter from the snow, and nothing to eat. The meadow and the farmer’s field were covered in snow, and there was no food to be had. ‘Oh what shall I do? Where shall I go?’ wailed the grasshopper. Suddenly he remembered the ant. ‘Ah – I shall go to the ant and ask him for food and shelter!’ declared the grasshopper, perking up. So off he went to the ant’s house and knocked at her door. ‘Hello ant!’ he cried cheerfully. ‘Here I am, to sing for you, as I warm myself by your fire, while you get me some food from that larder of yours!’The ant looked at the grasshopper and said, ‘All summer long I worked hard while you made fun of me, and sang and danced. You should have thought of winter then! Find somewhere else to sing, grasshopper! There is no warmth or food for you here!’ And the ant shut the door in the grasshopper’s face.                                                  Moral: Work hard and don’t be lazy.
Nobility of a Landlord/ A Nobleman Helped a Farmer/The Farmer and the NoblemanOne day a farmer was taking some sacks of wheat to a mill on horseback. The mill was a few kilometers away. On the way, the horse stumbled and one of the sacks fell to the ground. It was too heavy for the farmer to lift. The farmer fell into trouble as there was nobody around to help him. He was at a loss. Suddenly he saw a horseman coming towards him on horseback. When the horseman came near the farmer, he recognized him and felt disappointed because the man was a powerful landlord. So, he could no hope that the man on horseback would help him. Though the landlord was very helpful, the farmer was in a fix to ask him for help. But surprisingly the landlord stopped in front of the farmer and got off the horse. “I see you’ve had a mishap, friend,” said the landlord. “Fortunately, I have come along just now, for it is difficult to find help in a place like this.” Soon he realized that he was wrong in making a negative attitude towards him. Then he held one end of the sack and asked the farmer to hold the other end. Together they lifted the sack and placed it once again on the horse’s back. The farmer asked, “How can I express my gratitude?” The gentleman replied, “By doing the same act to any other person in need or in problem and that will be thanking me.”                                                                                            Moral: Everyone should do something in the danger of others.
The Story of a Rickshaw Puller/A Lucky Rickshaw PullerKabir is a poor rickshaw puller in Chittagong. He drives his rickshaw to different areas of the city. One day he saw some men selling lottery tickets enticing the passers-by. Kabir felt tempted and bought a ticket. He was eagerly waiting for the date of declaring the result of the draw. Then the much awaited day came and the purchased a daily newspaper. He began to search for the news of the draw. Suddenly the news came into his sight and with extreme tension he searched for his number in the lottery winning corner of a page. He found that his ticket number won the first prize. Then his joys knew no bounds. His eyes became sodden with the tears of joy. Then he rushed home without delay. He let his wife and children know about the winning of the lottery. Within seven days he got the money. Then he bought several rickshaws with a portion of the money. He opened a back account and kept the rest of the money with the bank. His rickshaw business went on well. Now he is a successful businessman. From a rickshaw puller Kabir has become the owner of many rickshaws.
The Story of a Greedy DogOnce a dog stole a piece of meat from a stall. He ran away with it and at last went to a stream. There was a plank across the stream. The dog ran over the plank. When he was running, he looked down into the water and saw his own image. But he thought it was another dog with another piece of meat. He failed to understand that it was his own reflection. The dog was greedy. The greedy dog wanted to get that piece of meat too. So he started barking at the reflection to have the other piece of meat. But Alas! During barking, his piece of meat fell from his mouth in the stream below and the current swept it away. Thus the greedy dog lost his meat and became disappointed. It’s a learning for all of us that we should not expose over greediness.
A Struggling WomanHalima was the daughter of a poor farmer. Her father could not educate her on account of his poverty. At the age of fifteen, her parents gave her in marriage with a very poor boy. The boy was lazy and did not do any work. Though Halima entered her husband’s house with the usual dreams and hopes of a young girl, she began to witness there more want, more problems. However, she did not lose heart. She took a loan from a Non-Government Organization working for changing the luck of rural women. She first started rich husking business with the money. She also started a small shop for her husband. Her business and husband’s shop began to give them some small profits. She used half of the profit to buy their food and with the rest half she used to repay the loan by installments. Within one year she could repay all the loan money. Then she took a larger loan and started a big business. Now she is a successful business woman and has employed many rural women in her business. Several other women of the surrounding villages are now following her path. 
First Deserve then DesireAfter completing graduation Abdul Haque came to Dhaka with the hoping of getting a job. He hoped that his relatives would help him get a job. He applied for many jobs and faced many interviews but could not manage a job for long. In each place his skills in English and Computer were tested. He was not well conversant in English and not fully computer literate. As he came from a rural area, he could not understand the present reality of the job market. Then he was determined to acquire skills in computer and English language. He started doing some part time jobs and learning computer. Side by side he started practicing spoken and written English. After working hard for several months, he achieved satisfactory skills in the two subjects and with it he gained confidence. Confidence is a great thing to shine in life. Then he tried to manage a good job. He was selected in several places. Finally, he chose one that seemed more suitable for him. Now he works in a multi-national company enjoying a handsome salary.
Half Empty or Half FullThere was a famous professor of psychology. One day he was teaching stress management an auditorium which was full of students. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the typical ‘glass half empty or glass half full’ question. Instead, with a smile on her face, the professor asked, “How heavy is this glass of water I’m holding?” Students shouted out answers ranging from eight ounces to a couple pounds. She replied, “From my perspective, the absolute weight of this glass doesn’t matter. It all depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute or two, it’s fairly light. If I hold it for an hour straight, its weight might make my arm ache a little. If I hold it for a day straight, my arm will likely cramp up and feel completely numb and paralyzed, forcing me to drop the glass to the floor. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn’t change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it feels to me.”
An Over Ambitious CrowThere was an ambitious crow. He thought of his ugly colour and became very sad. So, he thought of becoming beautiful like the peacock. But he could not find out any way to become beautiful. Once he got a chance. He found some feathers of a peacock in a jungle. So he did not miss the opportunity. He took the feathers one by one and stuck them in among his own feathers. Then he looked at him and became overcast with joy thinking him to be as beautiful as a cuckoo. He thought that he should no longer live with the crows. So, he made up his mind to live with peacocks. But peacocks understood easily that actually he was a crow in the appearance of a peacock. All peacocks gathered together and attacked him. They pulled out all the false feathers and drove him away. Finding no other way, he returned to the crows. But the crows did not accept him. They also drove him away. The crow realized his fault. So, he apologized to all the crows and promised that he would never be so ambitious.
Excess of Anything is BadThere was a king in a certain country. His name was Midas. Midas wanted more and more wealth though he was very rich. So, he prayed to God to give him such kind of magic power as things would turn into gold as soon as he touched them. He thought it would make him richer and happier. God granted his prayer and he was blessed with the power of golden touch. That means, whatever he touched, it would turn into gold. He became very happy and thanked God for granting his prayer. After sometime his little daughter came to him. The king took her in his arms and she became a solid gold. He got surprised and left her on the ground to make her human again but she remained gold and could not move. The king was very sad to see that.  Then he prayed to God again to return his blessing. The God returned back it. He then understood that it was not right to expect more and more wealth as only wealth cannot make someone happy.
Real Peace Lies in Love for Human BeingRiaz is a school going boy. One day while coming home from school, he found an old woman lying on the road. He went near her and fund that she was senseless. It was a very hot day. He thought that the woman got fainted due to scorching heat while trying to cross the road. Riaz then took her to a nearby house. With the help of the members of the house, he poured cold water on her head for a few minutes. The woman regained her sense at this. Then he made her drink saline water. He came to learn from her that she was very poor and she was going to her daughter’s house. Riaz took her to her daughter’s house. This made the daughter very astonished and the old woman prayed to God for his long and successful life. When Riaz got home his mother asked him the reason of his being late. He explained everything to his mother who appreciated his work and prayed for him. This incident made both Riaz and his parents very much happy. It was a real happiness.
A Little Learning is a Dangerous ThingA man lived in a certain village who was very much interested to learn and use English. So, he went to a teacher who began to teach him English. He taught him several months but the man picked only words such as ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘very good’. He did not know the proper use and meaning of these words. He thought he could use them in any place and any time. It would make him smart. After coming back to his village he started using these three words with anyone, anywhere on any occasions. A theft occurred in his village and the police came to investigate the matter. When the police officer asked him whether he knew the matter. He said, ‘Yes’. Then he wanted to take the man to the police station and he asked him if he had any objection to it. He just replied, ‘no’.  After asking him several more questions they told that they would arrest him. He again replied using his last words ‘very good’. Finally he was sent to prison only because of his little learning.
The True Leader Proves Himself by His QualitiesOnce all the animals of a forest gathered in the centre of the forest. Their purpose was to elect their king. A monkey was asked to dance before the assembled beasts. He danced to please them. Then they elected him their king. A fox did not vote for the monkey and was much disgusted with the animals for electing so unworthy a ruler. He was actually envious of the honour given to the monkey. He was planning to teach a good lesson to the monkey. Then he remembered a trap with a bit of meat in it. He told the monkey that he had found a rich treasure, which he had not touched because it belonged by right to his majesty, the monkey. Accordingly, he led the monkey to the trap saying it was a treasure trove. The monkey went carelessly into the trap and was caught. The fox stood off and laughed to see it. The monkey accused the fox of purposely leading him into the trap, but the fox only chided the monkey for pretending to be king with no qualifications. The fox told him that he could not take care of himself but pretended to be their king.
Sacrifice of a Real MotherOnce two women quarreled over a child. One of the two said that the child was hers while the other claimed that she was the mother of the child. Finally, they went to the king David. The king listened to them and pondered over the duel claim to the child. In the meantime, the prince came to learn about the matter. The prince was Solomon. He came forward to help the king. But the king could not rely on him because he was still a boy. Anyway, Prince Solomon listened to the quarreling women. Then he said, ‘As both of you are claiming the boy, I shall divide the boy into two parts to give you.’ Saying this, he aimed his sword at the boy. Just at that time one of the woman cried out. She gave up her claim and begged for the boy’s life. But the other woman did not say anything. The prince could realize very well who the real mother was. He handed over the child to the woman who cried out and ordered the guards to arrest the other woman.

Morals of the Stories

  1. The hidden treasure / The farmer and his idle sons         Moral: industry is the mother of good luck
  2. The cow boy and the wolf             Moral: A lair is punished in the long run.
  3. A just ruler and a brave Quazi            Moral: Justice should be impartial.