Assertive to Imperative

Assertive sentences= Subject + (should/must/ought to) + verb +ext.

Imperative sentences start with verb, let, please, kindly, always, never

Assertive Imperative
Subject (2nd person)affirmativeVerb + object + ext. (expressing order)
Please/kindly+verb+object+ext. (expressing request)
Subject (2nd person)negativeneverDo not + verb + object + ext.
Never + verb + object + ext.
Subject (1st/3rd  person)affirmativeLet + object of subject + verb + object + ext.
Subject (1st/3rd  person)negativeneverLet + object of subject + not + verb + object + ext.
Let + object of subject + never+ verb + object + ext.

Look at the following example

Assertive Imperative
a. You should/must/ought to do the work.affirmativeDo the work.
Please do the work.
Kindly do the work.
b. You should/must not do the work.
c. You should never run fast.
negativeneverDo not do the work.
Never run fast.
d. I should do the work.
e. He should do the work.
affirmativeLet me do the work.
Let him do the work.
f. We should not hate the poor.
g. We should never tell a lie.
negativeneverLet us not hate the poor. 
Let us never tell a lie.
Turn from Imperative to Assertive
a. Imp: Get lost.Ass: You should get lost.Work hard. Leave this place at once. Be careful. Open your books. Come here. Sit down. Be quiet. Be reasonable. Come on time. Leave your coat in the hall. Give me your phone number. Stop here. Write soon. Leave it alone. Have fun. Go away. Put them in the oven. Wait for me. Eat lots of popcorn. Have a safe trip. Eat them with rice. Find the dog at the fair. Take the money. Come to the fair with me. Eat your popcorn. Stop feeding the dog. Drive slowly. Be quiet. Have fun at the fair tonight. Drink some water. Speak to Sam. Go out. Come in. Turn the page. Shut the windows. Pull the door. Hurry up. Clear this desk by tomorrow. Consider the lily. Turn left. Pour me a glass of water. Have a Coke and a smile. Just do it. Honor your parents.b. Imp: Push the door, please.Ass: You should push the door.Open your books, please. Please help me. Please be quiet. Please join us for dinner. Please don’t give the dog popcorn. Please go. Please write your name on paper. Open the window please. Please help me. Please tidy your room. Please leave. Please leave the package at the door. Please take me to the library. Please walk through this door. Please come over here. Please tell me what you think.c. Imp: Don’t do that.Ass: You should not do that.Don’t feed the dog. Don’t follow me. Don’t be so sad. Don’t be late. Do not sit down. Don’t have so many bags. Don’t shut the door. Don’t work. Don’t go. Don’t be so rude. Don’t forget. Don’t smoke. Don’t put that down now. Don’t tell the truth. Don’t worry. Do not kill. Do not bear false witness.d.  Imp: Let us drop the matter.Ass: We should drop the matter.Let us cut jokes. Let us hold a meeting. Let him enjoy the film. Let her keep our environment clean.  Let them feed the hungry. Let him do the work. Let him write a letter. Let the girl sing a song. Let the boys play football. Let them call in a doctor. Let me say a few words. Let me solve the problem. Let him do the sum. Let me do it for you. Let me see. Let us go. Let’s do some exercises. Let us not be worried. Let him go. Let her explain it. Let it be. Let them try it. Let the customers pay immediately. Let’s get started. Let’s go for a walk. Let me help you. Let them cool. Let’s go to the fair together. Let’s not be frustrated.
Turn from Assertive to Imperative
Ass: We could see the moon.Imp: Let us see the moon.Ass: You might wear a cap.Imp: Wear a cap.He may help my brother. We should respect an honest man. You should respect your teacher. We should obey our parents. He must perform his duty. You must do the work. We ought to respect our parents. One should take care of one’s health. I can play football. You can sing. My sister can read. We can speak English. They can write the words. I must do my homework. My sister must wash the dishes. We must ask Frank. They must make their beds. You must see a doctor at once. You mustn’t touch that plate. He must be over eighty. I can’t find my laptop.  I must leave it in the train. They mustn’t hear the news. He must go. She should explain it. They can try it. The customers must pay immediately. She lives in a big city. The parrot is a beautiful bird. The Sun shines bright. They live in Satkhira. Akbar was a great king.Today is Sunday. It is very hot today. We have to go to Makka. You are a good player of cricket. The Amazon is the longest river. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. I want to buy a car by this year. She loves you. His father is a Minister. You are the best student of Math. Mohan planned a tour. The Ganges is a holy river. Sakib is a fine batsman. My father started a business. Sekar won the game. Madurai is a temple city. The teacher punished the student. Bangabandhu is the father of our nation. We became free in 1971. We are not your friends. He is my father. You should go to school. He likes to play chess. They are singing a song. It is raining. The child is going to school. I get up early in the morning. I like reading. Barking dogs seldom bite.

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