Marks Distribution For HSC

Total marks 100

Reading 60

Test itemsMarks DistributionSource
1.       MCQ (guessing meaning from context)05Text book
2.       Comprehension questions10Text book
3.       Information transfer/Flow chart10Text book
4.       Summarizing10Text book
5.       Cloze test with clues05Unseen
6.       Cloze test without clues10Unseen
7.       Rearranging10Unseen

Writing 40

Test itemsMarks Distribution
1.       Writing paragraph answering questions10
2.       Completing a story07
3.       Writing informal letters /e-mails05
4.       Analyzing maps/graphs/charts10
5.       Appreciating short stories/ poems (identifying theme, subject-matter and interpretation)08

HSC English 2nd Paper

The NCTB has recently published the new syllabus of the HSC English 2nd Paper. This new syllabus will be applied to the students who are going to appear at the HSC examination of 2016.

Subject : English

Test Items of Paper 2 and distribution of marks

Total marks                                                                                                                                          100

Grammar                                                                                                                                               60

Compoition                                                                                                                                           40

Grammar test itemsmarks 
1Gap filling activities without clues (for articles)5
2Gap filling activities without clues (for preposition)5 
3Gap filling with clues ( Special uses : was born, have to/has to, would rather, had better, let alone, what if, as if, as soon as, what’s —- like, what does —- look like, introductory ‘there’ or ‘it’)5 
4Completing sentences (use of conditionals, phrase, and clause)5 
5Use of verbs (right form of verbs and subject verb agreement as per context)5 
6Changing sentences ( change of voice, sentence types, degrees)5 
7Narrative style (direct to indirect and vice versa)5 
8Pronoun reference/ pronoun agreement5 
9Use of modifiers5 
10Use of sentence connectors5 
11Use of synonym and antonym5 

Note: Question setter will use all items from the above list and make questions of 5 marks for each question item. Test items must have contexts. Sentences which are isolated and out of context cannot be given as questions. Question setters will prepare the test items. No questions will be set from the textbook or/and any help books.

Composition test itemsMarks
1Formal letter / email08
2Report writing08
4Free writing (200-250 words)14 

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