Marks Distribution For SSC

SSC English First Paper marks distribution                                    

Revised for classes 9-10 from academic Year 2017

Total marks 100

Reading: 50

Section A (Reading)

Test itemsMarks DistributionSource
1.      Multiple Choice Question1×7=7Seen
2.      Answering questions2×5=10Seen
3.      Gap filling without clues5Seen
4.      Information Transfer1×5=5Unseen
5.      Summarizing10Unseen
6.       Matching 1×5=5Unseen
7.       Rearranging Sentence8Unseen

Writing 50

Section B (Writing)

Test itemsMarks Distribution
1.      Writing paragraph10
2.      Completing a story10
3.      Writing informal letters/E-mails10
4.      Describing graphs/charts10
5.       Writing dialogues10

SSC English Second Paper Marks Distribution 

Total marks 100

Reading 60

Section A (Reading)

Test itemsMarks Distribution
1.       Gap filling activities with and without clues0.5×10=5
2.       Cloze test with and without clues0.5×10=5
3.       Substitution table1×5=5
4.       Right forms of verbs0.5×10=5
5.       Passage Narration1×5=5
6.       Changing sentences1×10=10
7.       Completing sentences1×5=5
8.       Tag questions1×5=5
9.       Use of suffixes and prefixes0.5×10=5
10.   Connectors1×5=5
11.   Capitalization and Punctuation1×5=5

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