Marks Distribution For HSC 2024

HSC English first paper Marks Distribution 

Total marks 100

Reading 60

Test itemsMarks DistributionSource
1.       MCQ (guessing meaning from context)05Text book
2.       Comprehension questions15Text book
3.       Information transfer/Flow chart5Text book
4.       Summarizing10Text book
5.       Cloze test with clues05Unseen
6.       Cloze test without clues10Unseen
7.       Rearranging10Unseen

Writing 40

Test itemsMarks Distribution
1.       Analyzing maps/graphs/charts15
2.       Completing a story15
3.       Writing informal letters10

HSC English second paper Marks Distribution 

Grammar test itemsmarks
1. Gap filling activities without clues (for preposition)5
2. Gap filling with clues5
3. Completing sentences5
4. Use of verbs5
5. Narrative style5
6. Use of modifiers5
7. Use of sentence connectors5
8. Use of synonym and antonym5
9. Punctuation5
Composition test itemsMarks
1. Formal email10
2. Paragraph (Listing/description)15
3. Paragraph (comparison and contrast/ cause and effect)15

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