Conversion of Sentences

Negative, Interrogative and vice versa

 With auxiliary verb

auxiliary verb + notAuxiliary verb + subject +……….?

Without auxiliary verb

Simple presentSub + do not/does not +verb1……….Do/does + sub+ verb1……….?
Simple pastSub + did not+verb1……….Did + sub+ verb1……….?
 Turn into Negative and Interrogative
a. I am hungry. They are at the cinema. You are learning English. We were watching TV. We are going to school. You will help me. Sam will be coming home. They have been to Paris. They have been swimming. He had studied English. We had been waiting. We will be waiting for him. He is buying a notebook. They have breakfast. Tusher has got some money. The children have their breakfast. It is in Dhaka. Windows are made of glass. Windows are made of wood. Satkhira is a small city. It is important. He should be here by now. I could swim quite well. I was younger. You must blame yourself for this. You might have discussed it with me first. You can be serious. She had to take her brother along with her. We ought to be going. They have promised to pay higher wages.
b.We like pizza. They go to the party. They wash the car. I get up early. They walk to school. I swim every day. We dance in the room. We watch TV. They run to church. You write an email. He buys a notebook. He goes to school. He drinks a coffee. She washes her hair. The cat drinks milk. Mother cooks beef. The monkey eats bananas. Father drives a big car. The penguin swims very well. Jim eats an orange. My sister listens to me. The sun sets in the west. We produce lasers for cosmetic surgery. They move into their new home next week. I go to sleep. I deserve a better mark in this class. Jony stops in mid-court and passes the ball to me. I always study hard for exams. Ben goes to practise football every day. I believe that all people can live in peace. He goes to office at 9 o’clock. She speaks English fluently. He calls his mother every day. My father reads a lot. She knows how to knit. My father goes to the mosque every day. My friend writes short stories.
c. She cleaned her shoes. Helal climbed up the tree. She sang a song. Billal read a book. He went to the zoo. My parents worked in a restaurant. We liked our uncle. I visited my grandmother yesterday. You went to Paris last year. The teacher went to the desk. He heard the telephone. Susan bought her little sister a doll. We came here in 1980. I worked at Johnson & Co. from 1990 to 1995. My brother lived in London for six years. We arrived at 9:00 o’clock. This morning I went to the supermarket. Shyam passed the test. He gave me a glass of milk. The contractor finished the work in one day. They arrived in the morning. He looked at the pictures on the wall.
Turn into Affirmative and Interrogative
a. You are not sleeping now. You were not listening. You haven’t gone overseas. She hadn’t studied. You haven’t been to Dhaka. You haven’t waited for me. She hasn’t completed. You don’t eat banana. I can’t go tomorrow. People won’t eat rice. Bill hasn’t learned to type. You shouldn’t cheat on tests. She isn’t fat. You are not lazy. You aren’t lazy either. They aren’t working today. They weren’t feeling well. They haven’t been feeling well. Larry won’t be able to go.
b. Paul did not call me yesterday. Sabbir did not laugh. He does not work on Saturdays. They do not sell food. They didn’t arrive by train. We didn’t leave the room. They didn’t get a lot of money The Smith family didn’t go to Italy. The children didn’t fight at playtime. I didn’t break my leg. The cat didn’t like the cream. Sam didn’t eat all the sweets. Maruf doesn’t drink coffee. I don’t speak Hindi. I don’t live near him. I didn’t go to the store. Lions do not eat grass. We didn’t watch the movie. Monir doesn’t go there. I don’t like you. They don’t live near him. I didn’t go to the store last week. Lions do not eat grass. I don’t like the food they serve at that restaurant. Jim doesn’t work on Fridays. My friends don’t usually leave so early. I do not want to go with you. My sister does not live with my parents. I do not know the answer. I do not want to leave now. My mother does not work at a bank. Suriya does not sing very well. Martin does not get it. The boy did not kill the spider. She did not recognize him at once.
Turn into Assertive
Has anyone seen my torch? Are you eating? Is he watching? Do you play tennis? Does he write novels? Did you cook for dinner? Did you wash the car? Were you doing? Have you been to London? Have I been waiting long? Did you clean the room? Can you spare sometimes? Did you take medicine? Do you learn English? Are you ready to go? Did you go to mosque? Shall we ask Simon? Had I never been to a club? Didn’t we get a room? Had we booked in advance? Had I been playing the guitar? Has she been sleeping all the way? Is he trying to call her? Was Neha going to village? Does the baby cry out loud? Did she feed her? Had they visited a doctor? Had he slept? Had I finished my work last year? Had it rained heavily last month? Do you go to the supermarket every week? Could you open the window please? Must you make so much noise? Do you usually speak to him like that?

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